Freedom Fighters
World's Largest Miracle Working Training Center

Equipping the Saints is about training YOU! Equipping the disciple in sharing the gospel, healing the sick and casting out demons in Jesus name.

It is stated that, “A resistance movement is a group or collection of individual groups, dedicated to fighting an invader in an occupied country or the government of a sovereign nation through either the use of physical force, or nonviolence” (Resistance Movement, Wikipedia).

This would describe the followers of Jesus except that we would not resort to “physical force” but rather spiritual force such as the authority we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. In the spiritual conflict we encounter in our day, disciples of Jesus, in various churches worldwide, are dedicated to fighting the invaders, the powers of demons, which have invaded our families, communities, and nations, with the overcoming power of God.

However, there is a problem! There are so few disciples of Jesus that are dedicated in battling the forces of evil, thus the need to raise a spiritual army to force back the powers of Satan. The world needs more freedom fighters which is why this site was created.

This site was created to*:

1. To teach the believer the transforming truth of being “hidden in Christ” and “seated with Christ.”
2. To equip the believer in preaching the gospel.
3. To instruct the believer in driving out demons and diseases.
4. To equip the disciple of Christ in ministering in other areas of life (i.e. combatting the occult, ministering to those in cults, etc)
5. To equip the believer in Christ in the deeper elements of the faith such as curing those with dissociation, removing cursed objects from bodies, healing ancestral dissociative identities, and removing human interjects.

*These 5 key elements allows us the honor to be in a unique position to be the world's largest miracle-working training center. There is not another training center on earth that intersects evangelistic training, with, for example, inner healing.

A freedom fighter is simply a disciple of the Lord Jesus, who is dedicated to fighting the invaders, the spiritual enemies of God, who seek to enslave people through sin, sickness, and satanic bondage. A freedom fighter is simply a servant of God who seeks to proclaim the gospel, heal the sick, and cast out demons in Jesus name!

Our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center has been founded to equip generations of disciples who seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by serving Him as freedom fighters. It is currently the largest center of it's kind in the world with nearly 70 segments offered. Enroll in this international training center today and find yourself transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The training center provides 6+ different levels --Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Post Graduate and Premier Levels-- and more than 70 segments --from Dynamics of Demon Possession to Theology of the Cults to Supernatural Evangelistic Work to Understanding Ancestral Dissociation-- that is available for the student to choose from. This is an amazing opportunity to be trained to fight the good fight and to make a difference in our world for Jesus!

Why wait? The training center is affordable, convenient, flexible, and user friendly. This will allow you the opportunity to learn the miraculous powers of the Lord Jesus thus allowing you to make an immediate impact in our world. Dare to be different and become a Freedom Fighter!

Freedom Fighter International Training Center is an extension of Jay Bartlett Missions. Our campus and international offices are located in Southern California:

Jay Bartlett Missions
530 South Lake Avenue Suite #922
Pasadena, California 91101