Freedom Fighters
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We are excited about the development of a new training center that will equip the Body of Christ on how to proclaim the gospel, heal the sick, minister to those broken in heart and to drive out demons.

New NEVER BEFORE RELEASED materials will be available online.

The school is affordable, convenient, flexible, and user friendly. You will work at your own pace and upon completion of the Advanced Level the student will be given a comprehensive exam that cover all previous levels. Student will then graduate from the Freedom Fighter International Training Center.

Ministry doors will be opened to you, supernaturally, as God desires to use us for the advancement of His Kingdom on earth. Preparation is key and the school was developed so that ministers and layman alike will have the opportunity to receive world-class spiritual instruction on subjects and topics rarely discussed in academia in our modern times.

Basics of the Training Center

~It is highly recommended that students take each level in successive order

~Every student will have the opportunity to advance to each successive level that will enhance the learning experience as each level draws deeper into the mysteries of the faith

~Upon the completion of the Advanced Level student will be given the opportunity to advance to the Post Graduate and Premier Levels of the training center

~Each graduate of the Advanced Level will obtain a special and unique certificate of graduation from the Freedom Fighter International Training Center

~To access the Premier Levels student must complete all previous courses on previous levels (purchasing the Premier Level allows you access to all levels)

~Each graduate of the Premier Level will receive a Doctorate of Ministry certificate upon completion

NEW!~Freedom Fighter Level includes nearly 70 segments, 1,000 pages of materials and a home encounter with Jay Bartlett (and his ministry team) for personal prayer and ministry.

~All levels of the training school are accomplished online (audio teachings for each course, of the entire level you enroll in, will be shipped to you, in phases, via email, so that you might listen online and complete your studies)

~Student will be required to notify the training center when the Advanced and Premier Levels work have been completed so that a comprehensive exam can be sent to you via email

~All audio teachings originate from Jay Bartlett (and at times special instructors)

Enroll Today

The NEW Freedom Fighter Training International Training Center is quite affordable as it offers nearly 70 segments for a minimal financial investment. Nearly every seminary and theological institute require tens of thousands of dollars to obtain an education. The Freedom Fighter International Training Center merely costs hundreds of dollars as opposed to tens of thousands dollars elsewhere. Emails will be sent that will include the links to the special audio teachings, for each course, that you chosen to participate in.

*Premier Level --will include all levels. Click here to purchase this $750 level

For all of the training programs within the Freedom Fighter International Training Center including the Freedom Fighter Armory please offer a payment of $995. Click here to purchase this program.

*Freedom Fighter Level --will include all levels, all courses, a training manual and a special home encounter at your location with Jay Bartlett and his ministry team. Click here to purchase this $4,995.00 level

Outside of the United States Click here to purchase the level.

*Special Post Graduate Level --Eradicating Idolatrous & Witchcraft Curses, Fiery Darts, & Oppression Special Post Graduate Courses within the FFITC! Click here to purchase this $100 level.

Note: All sales are final. No refunds will be given. Enrollment will be a form of agreement of payment and adherence to the training center's basics. We reserve the right to alter any element of the training center that we deem necessary to better serve King Jesus.

Click here for more details.

Thank you for participating in the NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center where we declare Jesus is Lord.