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January 2019

Deliverance, a Process?

The Holy Spirit has given me tremendous insight into the deliverance that took place, more then 2,000 years ago, when Jesus ministered to a demonized child in Mark 9:14-29. What the Holy Spirit has shown me, needs to be brought into the light, thus this teaching.

In Mark 1, Jesus ministered to a man in a synagogue who had demonic affliction. The evil spirits cried out, Jesus silenced the demons (as they were pre-maturely revealing who He was) and drove them out (see verse 1:25-26). It seems to be a straight-forward deliverance --confronting the demons and driving it out. In Mark 5 and in Mark 9 not so.

In Mark 5, when Jesus ministered to the man, with thousands of demons within his life, there appears to be more of a process with the deliverance. Soon after encountering the man, Jesus commands the demons to depart (v. 8). There is opposition. The demons are not obeying. Jesus responds by pressing forward in the power of God and begins to interrogate the demons by commanding them to identify themselves (v. 9). The demons speak and offer an answer. Then the evil spirits begin to beg the Lord Jesus (v. 10) which leads to Jesus expelling the spirits from the man. There is a process involved.

In Mark 9, same thing. Jesus ministers to an individual with demons. There appears to be a process to the deliverance. There appears to be some order to the process as Jesus doesn't merely cast out the spirits but, rather, seeks information before proceeding to setting the demonized child free. You see this very clearly in verse 21 where Jesus inquires about the genesis of the spiritual attacks, in the midst of incredible demonic manifestation.

The demons are manifesting, brutally, and yet Jesus doesn't swiftly cast out the spirits. He inquires. He gathers information before delivering the demonized child. Then even after the first group of demons are cast out --the spirits of deaf and dumb (verse 25)-- there's still a demon of death to be dealt with (see verses 26-27).

"Then the spirit cried out, convulsed him greatly, and came out of him. And he became as one dead, so that many said, "He is dead." But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up, and he arose."

So, the demons of deaf and dumb depart ("came out of him") however, DEATH is STILL present --"he became as one dead." Obviously, we see this isn't a quick deliverance but rather a process. Deliverance is OFTEN a process. Jesus responded to the DEATH by taking authority OVER it, but taking the child OFF the ground and bestowing LIFE upon him, DEATH leaves! How do I know that? Well, verse 27 tells me "he arose." The deliverance brought resurrection. Spirits of death were defeated, Jesus was triumphant!